Supporting charities and organisations in 2022

Hi there and a Happy New Year to you.

I hope the year has started off well for you - its certainly be a busy start here at HQ. Much planning for this year took part at the end of 2021, and now it times to implement some changes and start on new, exciting products.

One of the areas I’ve been looking at for a while are charities and organisations I would like to support and raise awareness for this year. I wanted a local, small charity to give a shout out to and also an industry organisation that has grown from grass roots, to become a recognised organisation in its own right. And I think I have found two that fit the bill nicely.

Firstly, I’d like to support Saffron Walden Community Shed, based close to my home. Here is what their website says:

‘Located in the modern River Barn at St Marks College Audley End, the Saffron Walden Community Shed is a place to gather, make and mend things, do shed type projects together, drink tea, eat cake and relax.

Significant research has shown that loneliness is a growing problem in our modern society and with an ageing population many older people, particularly men, are finding that that they are isolated and without social contact. The shed movement, which originally started in Australia but has now over 500 sheds in the UK, aims to give people (men and women) who enjoy doing practical work a place to meet together, make friends and socialise.’

My Father started using the Shed last year and as a retired craftsman who likes to make things out of wood, found the ‘People of the Shed’ extremely welcoming, friendly, supportive and encouraging. He fitted straight in from the first 5 minutes of his initial visit and now attends regularly.

It is a truly remarkable place and vital in a local community like mine. So I will be supporting the charity with Shed themed products and workshops throughout the year. You can find out more through my ‘Shed Updates’ on my blog and social media through 2022.

Secondly but no less importantly, I will continue to support @justacard, which I started supporting last year. Here is what they have to say on their website :

‘Since 2015 we have been highlighting the value to both customers and independents of shopping small to keep our towns, high streets, markets, events and online small business economy vibrant. Whilst our campaign is UK based we have thousands of supporters from across the globe, including the USA, Canada, Australia and Africa all united in spreading the JUST A CARD message.

Help keep artists, makers, small businesses and independent shops in business and make your purchases count; just a card, just a book, just a gift is all it takes.’

As a small, independent business, it really does make a huge difference to me when someone buys or shares one of my products. It’s true, it might only be a card or an art print but in the wider market place, my voice and of other creatives like me can be heard, which goes to make a healthy community all round. I will continue to show my support by raising awareness for this organisation and purchasing from small but brilliant, independent creatives in 2022. I will be wearing my badge with pride!!!

So let’s hear it for two fantastic organisations - supporting small but mighty causes.