A new dawn.......

It’s the month of May and I’ve been in my new home and studio for about 3 months now.

Well let’s just say moving through a full Lockdown is absolutely no fun at all and something I will not do again!! Making the move from a town to a village is exciting and a little daunting and moving my business , which I have been cultivating for about 6 years now, to a rural location has produced some challenges -(Wi-Fi being one). However, what got me through was the excitement of a new home, a bigger, much needed, new studio and a world of possibilities that it generates.

But let’s get back to now and reality - this photo, which I didn’t really want to show you, is my studio - yes that’s right, a house moving dump! We’ve all been there, with best house moving intentions of having everything unboxed and rehomed within 24 hours of a move - well that never happens does it.

In my dreams on first finding the studio, I imaged myself with a large layout table in the middle, storage round the outsides and more worktop space than you could chuck an entire arts shop contents on - hmmmm. Well at least I have my drawing board by the window.

I may not have a floor covering, or storage, or even work surfaces yet, but I know it’s coming, step by step, as we open up again here in the UK. I can finally get moving with this project and start to produce some exciting work - so watch this space (soon to be a tidier one)!!